FAQ about Biblio

How do I read and listen to books?

When you find a book you would like to borrow, click on the Borrow button and then Play for audiobooks, or click on Download and then Read for e-books. The book will then be available under My Loans. Whenever you pause or stop, the player/reader will automatically remember the place in the book where you stopped listening or reading.

How do I borrow books?

When you have found a book you would like to borrow, click on the Borrow button. The book will then be available under My Loans.

How do I find books to borrow?

You can search for titles and authors under the Search tab. It is possible to filter your search by language and format (e-book or audiobook). You can also click on the author’s name inside the book to bring up a list of all available titles by that author.

Under the Categories tab you will find the ten most popular categories, as well as The Library’s Top Tips and lists of the most popular titles by format. All categories are available via a drop-down list.

How do I download books?

Under My Loans you can activate the Make Available Offline function for each audiobook. The book will then be downloaded to the app and will be available for the remainder of the loan period. When you borrow an e-book, it is automatically downloaded before it can be read, and it then remains available under My Loans. Books you have borrowed will be automatically deleted at the end of the loan period.

How many books can I download?

The terms and conditions for loans, as well as the number of loans permitted per period, are set by each individual library. Ask your library about their particular rules.

Can the book be saved onto my memory card, or moved?

No. The digital book is only available in the app during the loan period.

Can I borrow books from several libraries?

Yes, as long as you have a valid library card for the various libraries.

For how long can I borrow a book?

Each loan period lasts for 28 days. If the loan expires before you have finished listening or reading, you may reborrow the book. When you reborrow a book it is treated as a new loan, which means that your bookmarks will not be transferred to the new loan period.

Special local rules may apply to loan periods at individual libraries.

Can I borrow books when I'm abroad?

Biblio has no limitations on listening to books while abroad. However, internet connections, firewalls, local conditions, etc. may prevent this.

How do I remove a book from My Loans?

There is no need for you to delete your loans or keep track of the return dates. When your loan expires, the book will be automatically deleted from the app. It is not possible to return a book prior to the end of the loan period.

I am experiencing difficulties in reading or listening to a book — how can I get help?

Firstly, make sure you are using the latest version of the app, then log in and try again. Are you still having problems? If so, contact your library and provide them with as detailed a description of the problem as possible (you will find the contact details under My Library).

How do I create a bookmark?

For audiobooks, click on the bookmark icon to the bottom left of the player, then click on Create Bookmark. For e-books, the icon is located to the top right, inside the book. Click on the icon and the bookmark will be saved and is then available under the three horizontal lines (the hamburger menu) to the top right of the book.

How can I view an e-book’s table of contents?

At the top right of the book there are three lines (a hamburger menu) — click on this menu to see the book’s contents and any saved bookmarks.

Can I change font and perform other customisations in Biblio?

Inside the e-book, to the top right, there is a letter icon that you can click on to make various changes. Available options include changing the font and character size for the book, and turning the scrolling mode on or off.

How can I see how far I am into the book?

For an audiobook you can see this directly via the player, where progress is recorded in hours, minutes and seconds. It is also possible to use the player control to wind the book forwards or backwards.

In an e-book, you can see how much (as a percentage) of the chapter you have read, as well as the total number of chapters in the book. You can access the table of contents with all chapters via the

hamburger menu to the top right of the book, and then click on any chapter of your choice to go directly to that chapter.

Can I change the speed at which my audiobook is played?

Yes. In the audiobook there is a small icon to the right, just below the book cover — click on this icon for a choice of three speeds.

Does Biblio have a sleep timer?

Yes. In the audiobook there is a small icon beneath the book cover that enables you to set a sleep timer for the book.

Can I filter my book searches and search on specific formats?

Yes. Under the Search > Filter tab you can filter your search by format (e-book or audiobook) and/or language.

Can I choose and save my own settings in the app?

Yes. Under the Settings tab there are certain settings you can save, for example how many seconds forwards or backwards you want to be able to navigate automatically in an audiobook, whether only Wi-Fi use should be activated, etc.

Are all my loans available in Biblio, even if I didn’t use the app to borrow the book?

Yes. All your active digital loans are automatically visible under My Loans.

How can I see the format of a book?

The two formats (e-books and audiobooks) are not listed separately under Categories, but you can filter your search by format under Search > Filter. You can also filter your search by language via a drop-down list. E-books are always displayed with a red book icon, while audiobooks have a blue icon with headphones.

How do I search and navigate in my digital book?

In an e-book you have borrowed, you can access the table of contents with all chapters via the hamburger menu (the three horizontal lines) to the top right of the book, and then click on any chapter of your choice to go directly to that chapter. It is also possible to scroll between the pages.

In an audiobook, you can drag the player control forwards or backwards, and you can also fast-forward or fast-rewind with the help of the icons next to the Play button in the book.

I am receiving an error message, why is that?

The error message that appears usually explains what has caused the error, for example if you have reached the maximum number of loans for the period. Otherwise, please contact your library if you require assistance. Try to provide as much information as possible about what you were doing when

the error occurred, when any error messages were displayed and their exact wording. The contact details for your library can be found under the My Library tab.

Does the app save any information about me as a user?

The only information that is saved is your bookmark information, so that you can continue listening from the same place where you finished.

What is a streaming audiobook?

A streaming audiobook is simply an audiobook that is played via the internet, and for which you need an internet connection when you listen to it. However, with Biblio it is possible to download books to the app during the loan period, and to also listen offline.

E-books are downloaded automatically before they can be read.

Can I reborrow a digital book?

Yes. You can reborrow a book after the loan period has expired. When you reborrow a book it is treated as a new loan, which means that your bookmarks will not always be saved for the new loan period.

Do streaming audiobooks use cookies?

No. Streaming audiobooks do not use cookies.

Is Biblio available in several languages?

Yes. Biblio is available in Swedish, English, Finnish and Arabic. The language you have in your app depends on your device settings.


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